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2017 Coors Light Lideres

Updated: Apr 19, 2019


Since 2006 the Coors Light Líderes Program has supported, honored and highlighted up-and-coming Latino leaders for their achievements, vision, and commitment to reach their aspirations and help their community prosper. The Coors Light team believes that empowering communities where we operate, is as important as the quality of our beer. By providing resources, networking opportunities and celebrating these leaders’ successes, Coors Light is helping them move mountains so their communities can thrive.

What inspires you? I am inspired by the concept of family, the sense of loyalty and passion that people share for each other, especially in the Latino culture. I am convinced that if everyone took on a little more responsibility to help solve the issues we face as a community, we could solve it all. I’m motivated to continue to drive change and influence individuals to treat each other as family as we seek to find solutions to the problems we face. The creativity and outside-the-box thinking of our community inspires me to find new ways to look for answers.

Who is your role model and why? My mom, Iliana Ceballos, is my role model, because she taught me the definition of grit and hustle. Growing up I didn’t have a lot, but she made sure that we didn’t need anything even if that took working 3 jobs. Regardless of what obstacle came our way, she found a way to make things work. Even during difficult times, she found ways to spend time with us and teach us the importance of sharing and offering a helping hand every opportunity we had. Above all, I have never met someone more selfless and willing to go through challenges in order to see their kids succeed.

What lesson from mom/dad/grandparent/etc. do you still live by today? “¿Cómo que no?” (What do you mean no?) That question is a reminder that regardless of the situation I need to stay level headed and optimistic. My mom and grandma have always told me not to give up, to look for a solution, and prove any doubters wrong--even if the doubtful was me.

Fernando Alfonso Ceballos

Fernando A. Ceballos, was born and raised in Brownsville, Texas. The native Texan graduated top 10% in high school and was the first in his family to attend college. He attended Texas A&M University with several scholarships and earned his Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering. Alongside his commitment to excel in college, he nurtured his passion for helping others. Participating in technical organizations to ensure growth and success in his own career, Ceballos also mentored a group of 40 first-generation students, volunteered regularly at the Texas Children's Hospital in Houston, advocated for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and led two Latino centered campus organizations. For the last several years, he has been involved in community outreach initiatives, has helped implement educational programs to empower students and their families, and has served as a mentor, to numerous Latino students and young professionals.

Ceballos has a strong passion for education, primarily in underrepresented communities. In his efforts to serve his demographic, he readily shares his story and empowers others to seek the opportunities available to them. Fernando is an active member of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE), where he currently serves as the Dallas-Fort Worth Professional Chapter President, Regional Marketing Director and incoming Region 5 Vice President. As such, he oversees the programs, initiatives, and day-to-day operations of 3,000 members within his region, working with professional engineers across Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Alabama in ensuring professional and personal development.

In addition, Fernando serves on the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee, Pape-Dawson Volunteer Committee and at the Townview Yvone High School Engineering Board. As a Hispanic Scholarship Fund Alumni, he engages students and parents by attending school events and speaking in classrooms about his journey in engineering and encourages students to pursue careers in STEM fields.

Fernando currently works as an Engineer III in the land development department at Pape-Dawson Engineers, focusing on both commercial and residential projects. It is through his commitment to his community that Fernando has embodied the Pape-Dawson Mission Statement, of not only developing communities through design and construction, but driving change with impact and social engagement.

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