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Here's my Resume

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

"It's not what you know, but who you know"... don't you hate hearing this after killing it during college, just to find out your resume is still not good enough???

Unfortunately, having a strong resume nowadays doesn't get you as far as you would think. You have a better GPA, were involved in more extracurricular activities, held multiple leadership positions, and have skills that others can't come close to, yet your friend with a "C" average beat you. Let me try to explain why this is the way it is and hopefully you start understanding that networking isn't just some term that people throw around to pass out business cards.


What is the difference between someone with a 3.8 and 2.9? Some would say that the 3.8 studied harder, avoided late night outs at the bar and is more dedicated. In contrast, the person with the 2.9 only showed up to class every so often, had a crazy social life and was involved with more extracurricular activities than they could handle. However, neither of these is the case! The student with the 3.8 was a great test taker, had the money to pay for extra 1-on-1 tutoring, and spent most of their nights with a beer in hand. The student with a 2.9, had test anxiety, worked several jobs, volunteered and held more than a handful of leadership positions. Would you say that looking at that special number dictates the potential of the future employee?


So you have gotten past the first step of a recruiter thinking you were worth their time and now you are in the interview stage. Now, what? You do your best to share your life with them for 10 minutes,while you try to answer questions about your experience and company interest. Unfortunately, the whole time you second guess your answers because you're scared of being too honest and being judged. So you end up giving typical answers and you don't do as well as you wished. The questions you are asked during your interview aren't meant to confuse you. These questions are dedicated to finding out whether or not you fit the company culture. Answering these questions honestly will give the recruiter a better understanding if you will mesh with the other employees in the office and if you'll be able to handle the workload.

Now imagine that you knew the person you were talking to. Think about how you would answer differently, how honest you would be with them and how transparent your answers would be. This person would also know if you will be a contribution to the company's way of life and if you will be part of the fantasy football league next year.

Skills and Strengths

This is the most difficult section to edit on your resume! There are skills that you have, that you think everyone has, strengths that you've obtained from overcoming obstacles that you think everyone faces. This section starts to feel like a way to simply brag about yourself and you end up being too conservative because you don't want others to think you are full of sh*t. What if someone just knew everything you've been through and could share your journey with someone they knew was hiring. This person isn't just someone you know, they become an extension to your resume. In addition, they are willing to put their name on the line because they know what you can offer and what you will get the job done.

If you put it all together you start to realize that the resume is simply the ingredients list in the back of a cereal box that only the people who have never heard of the brand read. What does that mean? Has anyone ever recommended a restaurant, movie, or product and you took their word for it? Did you go and read who owns it, produced it or fabricated it? That's what I thought.

Start making the right connections! Go network!

P.S. This is not an excuse to not do your best with all your classes!!

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