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The Fear of Getting Started

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

For years I have been following blogger after blogger,vlogger after vlogger, motivational speaker after motivational speaker and the fact that I am a hypocrite has been eating me alive! Let me explain...

I have always had a passion for volunteering and helping anyone and everyone in any way that I could. Lately I have been dedicating all of my time outside of work to building resources, giving talks and mentoring students wanting to pursue STEM (Science, Technology,Engineering, Mathematics) degrees and my message is always the same....if you have a passion, then go after it!Don't let the math, science or doubters in your life stop you from reaching your dreams.

What many people may not know is that I have an irrational fear of public speaking and that every time I get in front of a classroom, board room or meeting....I have a panic attack. Yet I have made it m mission to take every opportunity I have to talk in front of students to push myself past this obstacle.

This brings me to my next fear, blogging/vlogging. This is the next fear I want to overcome and this is my first step in the right direction.

Just start

Wait for what? Is the answer my girlfriend gave me. My response was, until I lose more weight, until I have a better resume, until I learn more things! There is no reason why I should continue to wait and make excuses for starting something I want to do. Instead of waiting until things happen, I want to share with the world and hope that I can build a community to grow together with.

Realize that wasn't so scary

As I write this and look at the post button on the top right of the screen, I think to myself what's the worst that can happen. Instead I'd like to start thinking, what's the best that can happen!?

Let them hate

I'm continuously worried about what are people going to say. If they are going to judge me, patronize me or just troll me. But, event after all those possibilities....I DON"T CARE! The only outcome if this does happen, is that they are simply making my job easier. They are helping me determine what I can x to add value to my blog and supply me with more ideas to continue to grow.

Correct course

Even though this blog post has many grammatical issues and possibly doesn't make any sense, I can't stop myself from posting. I have never been a strong writer, but that's because I have never made it a point to get better at it. I know that by sharing my writing and practicing on a consistent basis, I am only going to get better.


The first post is finally out there, after years of sleepless nights considering if should make my own blog. Now it's time to commit to 1 or 2 posts per month and focus on only getting better.

Hopefully, my rambling thoughts have helped you iron out any doubts you may have about starting something scary. Just start, grow in the process, but above all, commit!

Here goes everything!

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